“Victoria has been training me for the last 6 years. When I began I had weak core strength which affected my bad back. Over time she has helped address this problem whilst toning up all muscle groups, so much so I have dropped a dress size! She is the ultimate professional and sets the pace according to your ability, never pushing you beyond your capabilities. She gives you the motivation and confidence to push yourself whilst making excerising a pleasure to do, even on those dark Winter mornings!”

- Claire, Copenhagen

     "Victoria has made a personalized training program for me that has ensured I reach my goals each step of the way. Her professionalism and technical knowledge is outstanding. Always ensuring you do the exercises in the right way and listen to your own body. It is a pleasure to have her as my trainer. She makes the hard work fun!"     

- Astrid, Gentofte

     "Victoria provided excellent, tailored training which took into account some old injuries and new aches and pains.  She listened carefully and monitored closely so I was pushed through varied exercises but not hurt. As a result I was stronger and more flexible.  It was only my return to the UK that stopped our sessions.  I’d thoroughly recommend her professional, caring and friendly approach."

- Laura,  Frederiksberg (now UK)

     "Victoria has been an outstanding personal trainer for me, warm and encouraging and gently and gradually lifting my level from an overweight and unfit post-natal state to a finisher in the Copenhagen marathon. An achievement I certainly could not have managed without Victoria's help. Her focus on core and strength,without going overboard on weight loss and over training is exactly what the fitness world needs and her nutritional advice and encouragement has been incredibly helpful in allowing me to set goals (without even really realise it) as well as to achieve them. A big fat recommend to everyone."

- Ruth, Copenhagen

     "Training with Vicky has been a great experience. I had become aware that I was drifting and without a focus for fitness. Vicky has provided that focus.

     Although active, I am not a naturally “sporty” person nor someone who enjoys “exercise” for its own sake and Vicky has been responsive to my needs, teaching me a lot about why each exercise works and the  muscles involved. Old injuries and weaknesses were considered and working one to one meant that posture and technique were corrected and that no bad habits developed. During our training, I found that I had Osteopenia/Osteoporosis and Vicky was a great support, providing me with constructive advice, encouragement and a strategy for going forward.      Her personal approach and understanding of how the body works has given me confidence and Vicky has gently but firmly led me to improved strength and  coordination. In addition – training has been fun and I never thought that I would say that about exercise!"

- Carol M, Charlottenlund

     "I have been using Victoria as my personal trainer for about 4 months now and can already notice the difference in my overall strength and muscle tone. Victoria has been very diligent in choosing exercises which are good for my knee injury and which have helped to alleviate pain and increase flexibility, muscle mass and tone.

     The sessions are enjoyable and Victoria helps to make them fun. I can highly recommend Victoria as a personal trainer. In fact, my husband is so impressed by my results that he is now also training with Victoria."

- Linda, Østerbro

     "Victoria's attention to detail and customized approach helped me gain overall strength and increased my flexibility. I have also found that my posture has greatly improved, and I have become aware of my bad habits. I don't find myself slouching as I used to.

      Her expertize and warm personality make working out something I now look forward to!"

- Karen, Østerport

     "I started training with Vicky as a Christmas present from my wife of 10 lessons. Two years later and the weekly sessions have become regular.

     There are three things which I would say about training with Vicky.

     Her professional knowledge in a range of exercises which suit to the level and goals of the individual is impressive. I have done many training regimes over the years, usually related to team sports or personally in a gym. However, the exercises in her repertoire and the way they work multiple muscle groups at the same time have been a revelation. It really packs the value into a 1 hour session and gives a workout which can be done with a minimum of basic equipment at home.

     Vicky is an encouraging coach also - building a programme over time which keeps the workout fresh as well as continuously improving core strength. She has the ability to make the hour go quickly while keeping the heart rate up and the body working!

     My goals are related to basic health rather than athletic fitness. Over the years, I have experienced periods of back pain related to poor abdominal strength and a lifestyle with more sitting than anything else. Since starting with Vicky, I have had no reccurrence of back pain which must be related to the training she has given me - exercising muscle groups that otherwise would not get much focus. That's a big bonus to me."

- Keith, Birkerød